Data Security

Security is given priority by Hotspot. At the system level, Hotspot uses encryption and digital certificates to protect the confidentiality of its customer's trade and order data. To access the Hotspot system, users must provide a unique UserID and password, and network traffic is encrypted in SSL.

In the event of an attempt to hack the system, Hotspot automatically disables a UserID after a specified number of failed login attempts, and re-enabling the UserID requires the intervention of the customer's prime broker and/or Hotspot operations.

At the operations level, access to customer's trade and position data is restricted to only those Hotspot staff members who need this data to perform their jobs.

Entitlements and Permissioning

Hotspot provides multiple levels of control to both customers and prime brokers.

A customer can have several UserIDs on the Hotspot system, and can entitle each differently for system functionality, e.g., front office staff may have order entry and trading authority while back office staff may only have access to reporting functionality.

Similarly, prime brokers may permission certain staff with the ability to create and manage customer accounts and credit allocations within the Hotspot system, while other staff may only have access to reporting.

Data Center Reliability

Hotspot maintains a primary and backup data center in geographically separate areas. Both data centers have UPS protection and on site power generators. The backup datacenter is tested annually with a subset of customers.